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passes expiry 

Your pass will expire on the date of expiry. Please make sure to use all your passes before the expiry date.

how do I book a class  

Once you have purchased a pass or membership with DFS please go to our timetable page and book your first class and any other classes prior to attending. 

Where are your prices  

Our prices are provided on our purchase page. Click here


Where is your studio 


We hold our “indoor classes” at the Wentworth point community centre above the library.

Please click the link: Click here

We hold our “outdoor classes” next to The Connection on the water in Rhodes next to Bare Witness.

Please click the link: Click here

What happens if it rains

Our outdoor location has an outdoor undercover area which we will move to if it rains. Classes will only be cancelled if it is torrential rain/high winds or due to unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control. 




FREE 3hr Parking is available at the Marina Square Shopping Centre in Wentworth Point.

Please click the link: View shopping centre location


FREE 2-4hr Street Parking is available on Shoreline Drive in Rhodes

Please click the link: View outdoor location


As we run out of a community centre you cannot come in at any time. We offer a trial so you can see the studio and try out a class at the same time.

Do you offer a free trial


We offer a single class trial and a 3-class week trial, where you can attend any 3 classes during your first week at DFS.

Can I try a few of your classes

We offer a 3-class week trial, where you can attend any 3 classes during your first week at DFS. We believe once you’ve experienced our classes you’ll know if we are the right fit for you.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat 

Yes, please bring a yoga mat to all Yoga, Pilates, Booty burn and Stretch & Flex classes.



What heels should I wear to heels class 

Whatever you feel amazing in! 

You can even wear joggers if you like but we also highly suggest a low strappy heel or fitted ankle boots. It’s better to be safe so always start with a low heel and go higher once you gain confidence.

Knee pads are also a great option but if you don't own any please make sure to wear long pants just in case there is any floor work in our class that night. 

Where can I buy knee pads

You can buy knee pads from any local sports shop or online. We suggest Decathlon Australia or Rebel Sport. They should be no more than $30. 

Search for Volleyball knee pads or dance knee pads. 


Can I request an extension on my pass

To request an extension you will need to provide us with a doctors certificate outlining why you haven't been able to attend classes and the dates you have been injured/sick. There are no other exceptions. 

Please email your doctors certificate to

Can I put my pass on pause for holidays

All passes must be used within the expiration timeframe. Before you go on holidays, please make sure to use your pass. If you only come to one class a week it's the perfect chance to try out some of our other offerings. 

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