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Welcome to Dance Fit Studio

We offer classes in a range of dance styles & disciplines

Hip-Hop, Heels K - Pop, Salsa, Pilates, Yoga, Booty Burn & Zumba

Classes available in a range of dance styles and disciplines


About Us

Built on a close friendship and shared passion, Dance Fit Studio was born out of love to build a strong community focusing on creative movement, empowerment and dance fitness to enhance health, wellbeing and wellness.


At DFS we aim to build a unique brand and culture where our members feel welcome and valued, being inspired to move without fear or judgement and live a confident lifestyle. 

Our offerings of dance, pilates and yoga have been carefully curated for this exclusive studio, being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. 


adults Hip Hop

Beginners are welcome! Find your groove and discover your own style with this open hip hop class.



All levels of experience welcome. Our enthusiastic and supportive dance teachers will ensure that you have a great time and learn to dance with a smile on your face.

Heels adults

Bring out your inner goddess in this highly seductive dance class where you will learn to strut in heels and passionately move your body with confidence.



Bring a friend (or better yet, come make new friends) and Spice up your night with the sexy moves of Latin dancing, where the room will transform into a night out in town filled with upbeat fun music.

Booty Burn

Dance your way to a more perkier and sculpted booty in this highly gratifying HIIT session designed to tone your entire body - focusing on booty, abs and thighs.


Pilates- tone & sculpt

Great for beginners and the elite, this Pilates class brings you dynamic movements designed to sculpt and tone your entire body.

Yoga- flow & stretch

This balanced class is designed to keep your body limber, flexible and strong. Strengthen your mind and body to enhance your every day performance and quality of life.

deep house yoga

Set to beautiful deep house music, these sessions will encourage you to connect your mental, physical and spiritual as one. Immerse and allow yourself to bend further, feel and breathe deeper. 


Our ‘FIT’ classes are high energy aerobic classes each with their own vibe designed to hit your weight loss goals while being easy to follow and you’ll have fun along the way! Working out shouldn’t be a drag, so lose weight the ‘FIT’ way.

Upbeat Dance Class

Why is Dance Fit Studio

Perfect for You? 

try new classes and styles

Whether it's yoga or booty dance, we've got different styles for you to try.

qualified & passionate instructors

With over 10 years of professional experience, our fun and supportive instructors want to encourage you to live your best healthiest life through fitness and dance.

pay per class

As much as we'd want to dance with you every week, you have freedom with no lock in contracts and options of packages - but remember, practice makes perfect! 

showcase - a time for you to shine

Treat your friends and family to an event to showcase your talent, taking your dance skills from the studio to the stage at the end of the year.

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